HTML and CSS are basic fundamental of WordPress Development.

HTML is the language for describing structure to the web pages. With HTML, we can write structure of the page using the markup. Structure of the web page includes various contents such as paragraph, tables, lists, images, videos etc.

Being a WordPress Developer, my personal suggestion is to learn ins and outs of HTML and CSS, then move to various framework available. I prefer writing custom code, but it’s entirely personal choice.

Learning basic of HTML and CSS

Learning HTML and CSS can take some time. My personal advice is to learn HTML and CSS from scratch, before learning any popular Responsive Framework.

A good starting point to learn HTML and CSS are:

  1. W3schools HTML and CSS
  2. Shayhome website
  3. MDN – Mozilla Developer Network

Learning Responsive Framework

Moving on to responsive framework might be good idea, if you are looking to save time of development. Learning process might be faster as learning framework is less time consuming. Development time from framework is faster than custom code.

On the flipside is, relatively overall css might be bit heavier when using responsive framework. But in most cases, the weight put on by framework on overall website size will be very marginal.

Two of the most popular framework I love and recommend are Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation.

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