How to stop Spam Using Honey Pot Spam Prevention

The main idea behind honey pot spam protection is using a hidden field with the main form to trap automated bots and  then validating whether its human or automated bots.

How does Honey Pot Spam Prevention work?

In the front end, we have to add an input field, ideally a text field and then we hide the input field via CSS.

In the backend, we check if the hidden field is empty or not. In the genuine case, the field will be empty. If it’s the automated bot, it will be filled. We only process the form if the field is empty and discard it if it’s filled.

In conclusion

So this is how the honey pot works. I being a web developer, personally find it very useful for these reasons:

  • It prevents using the CAPTCHA which as I user I find it pretty annoying
  • Creates better User Experience and reduces one more form element

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