How to seo wordpress

In this article I will share some SEO tips on how to write proper html optimised for the SEO. The idea can then be used for WordPress Theme.

Page title

Page title must be relevant to the content of the page. A page title makes google track your page easily. For example if you are writing about web development services, its good idea to name your page as Web Development Services in Sydney or Affordable Web Development Services. Making sure the keyword you want to target your page is still there in the page title.

Meta Tag Page Description

Google will only display 150 characters in the search results as description. So when writing page description, we must make sure its not too long or within 150 words. After 150 words google will show  “…” .

So a proper and precise description about page content is important.

Organisation of header tags

Header tag must be from h1 to h6. H1 tag is quiet important so we must make sure that a proper content goes inside the h1 tag.

The other thing we should be aware of is that there should only be one h1 tag inside any page. Its quiet important.

Writing Unique Copies for site

Writing unique copies or articles are quiet important. Repeating similar copies isn’t good and creates duplication when showing results in google for similar search results.

Other factors that determine results are keyword densities (number of times keyword used in page), inner page links etc. So to make copies as unique as possible is another consideration to be taken.

Handling Images properly

In terms of SEO perspective, images must have proper alt tag. The more related image alt tag is better for SEO purpose.

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