How to get website running?

If you are thinking of having a website for your business and dont have a clue on how webiste funcitons, I am providing hereby the very basics you need to know on how website are brought to life.

Step 1: Buy a domain name that suits you
Domain name is the name by which you want user to visit your website. Domain name are typed on address bar the browser. Examples of the domain names are, etc.

Step 2: Get a Hosting Space
Hosting space refers to the space where files/media and code etc resides.There are range of hosting companies selling hosting spaces and price varies upon what kind of
web hosting is required for your website.

Step 3: Set the DNS Setting
When you buy both domain name and hosting name next thing to do would be setting up a pointer or direction for your domain to point to files/medias/script stored in the hosting.

Step 4: Building and uploading the content
After DNS setting, its time to upload the site and content on how you want to market your website. You can have webistes in HTML[static sties] , or get a site running a webstie on popular CMS like WordPress.

PS: Step 3 and Step 4 be swapped in the process as per your requirement.

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