How to Get a better PageSpeed Insights Score?

How to Get a better PageSpeed Insights Score?

Getting a decent page speed score was always a high target for my website WP Guru. It’s every web developer’s dream and goal to get the highest page speed score for the website they are developing.

No wonder I am quiet rejuvenated with my latest website score. Latest PageSpeed Insights score my website is above 90 for both desktop and mobile version of my website.

For me getting  a decent page speed test was always a benchmark. Most of my design and development philosophy comes inspired by Google Design and Development Principles and guidance. I like web design based on Flat Design Principles and Material Designs. I like building website with focus on On Page Optimisation and better loading speed on both mobile and desktop.

In next article, I will quickly guide you through how I build my website to score a decent page speed Insight Score.

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