Gravity Form Stripe Add-On review

As a WordPress Developer, Gravity Form is one of my go to plugin. Most recently I had to build a complex form using Gravity Form and Stripe Add on. When I had a brief on my hand, honestly I was a bit nervous and thought it will turn out to be a fairly complex project. Though it did turn out to be a fair bit of work, I was surprised how solid Stripe Add On a form was. Credit where it’s due, I owe big time to Gravity Form Support.

Here are the specs of form I was building

  1. It had multi-steps
  2. It had 3 separate products and for each product, you can pay upfront or in instalments
  3. Instalments varied for each product, x number of times for product 1 and y number of times for product 2 and 3
  4. There were trial period and setup fee for each product
  5. In the subscription model, after x number of payments were made, subscriptions had to be canceled


Before involving on this project I thought, Gravity Form was bit pricey and at least renewal license should have been cheaper. Close to the completion of this project, I ended up buying a developer license. At the moment I am loving Gravity Form, had used it in a few projects and on the process of adding it to my website.

Gravity Form Stripe Add On

From my past experience, I knew Stripe worked seamlessly in a simple form, with conditional logic.

The form I was building had fair few conditional logic. A couple of things that were bothering me where I had to implement setup fee (paid instantly) include trial periods before charging and cancel the subscription after n number of times. This was on top of having multiple products and subscriptions on the same form.

Cancel Subscription after n number of times

At the point of writing, Stripe doesn’t have an inbuilt function to cancel the subscription after n number of times. But there is a workaround on doing this. Here is how to cancel the subscription after n number of times.

Adding a trial period and Setup fee instantly

If you need to add setup fee and trial period separately, Gravity Form works like a gem. But keep in mind that if you have to add a setup fee and trial period at the same time, there will be a little bit of workaround. Details in here.

The form I worked on had both trail period and setup and fee.

Enable trial period and setup and fee for Gravity Form stripe add on

You can achieve this in 2 steps:

Step 1: Create a trial period in forms settings

Step 2: Add the setup fee using an Invoice item

If you need to add additional items to the invoice, you can use Stripe’s invoice item. Details here.

Adding invoice items via Gravity Form’s API is pretty straightforward. You can define it as an amount or add a field in the form and then use the value. Details about how to use invoice item in Gravity form is here.

Gravity Form support – It’s Amazing

I personally found Gravity Form’s support to be amazing.

Here are a few things to take into considerations about my case:

  1. I would rate form I was building to be an advanced form
  2. I had the Elite License and hence priority support
  3. My background was based on development too

Initially, when I started, I haven’t had much experience working with Gravity’s form of support directly. Post completion of the form, I had got in touch with the support numerous time, and I must admit without their support I couldn’t have done the job in time.

I loved Gravity form so much after this task, that I ended up buying a copy of Elite license.


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