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Google URL Shortener and how to use it

Recently I started tweeting. I am new to Twitter and I just love it.

Along with Google+, I am using Twitter more often. Google+ for me is more of getting and sharing information with list of communities I had been part of. There had been many cases where I got help form very helpful community members and Google+ for sure is the social media tool I am very active at.

Most recently though I have added Twitter as my favourite. I am especially following lot of developer at my filed of interests such as Laravel and WordPress. Being a wordpress developer and trying to learn new framework, twitter had been of immense help recently.

Coming to the point now, why I am talking about url shortner here. Tweets in Twitter is maximium of 140 character in length. In cases where the length of url is way too long, it’s not visible in tweet. The solution being using services like Google URL Shortener that shortens the length of url and which in turn can be embedded as part of tweet. On top of that Google URL Shortener provides way to track, in real-time, the clicks and referrers on any shortened URL.

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