Why a good WordPress hosting matters?

Why a good WordPress hosting matters?

A good web hosting for WordPress is bare minimum a requirement for website security and performance. Good WordPress hosting brings more security for your website and there are several added benefits such as loading website at good speed, enhancing user experiences etc.

Currently, there are several web hosting company that provides exceptional services for web hosting for managed, semi managed and shared hosting environment. As a WordPress Developer, one of the job I do is to help find the best web hosting for client based on their requirements and budget.

So why does a good WordPress web hosting matters. There are several benefits a good WordPress hosting brings on your table. I will try to be as precise as possible and explain in simple layman terms.

Good WordPress Hosting bring security

WordPress hosting can various level of security by using various rewrite rules to limit the access of files and folders. This allow website to be secured by limiting access to those files and folders to outside world. Only public files and folders are accessible.

WordPress Hosting can also provide extra level of security by implementing various firewall, spam filtering, implementing SSL to access file via FTP or providing option for public facing site etc.

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Good WordPress hosting have better backup/restoring services

Hope for the best and plan for the worst. When you are running a website, chances are sometime you might have issues with your website. Whether it’s unwanted access for other parties or whether site being hacked, you need to have a good backup and maintenance options.

A good WordPress web hosting provides better backup solutions. Thanks to stiff competition and big market, some hosting providers backup your website every hour. So you can have peace of mind.

Good WordPress hosting loads website faster

When website is loading, browser will have to communicate with your web hosting, and load various files such as stylesheet, images, javascript files etc.

A good WordPress web host serves these files faster and hence decreasing the loading speed for the website. This in turns help in better user experience.

Good WordPress hosting provide uptime guarantee

Uptime refers to the time that a website is up and running without any error or interruptions. Ideally 100% uptime is the expectation but in real world it’s almost impossible to achieve. Most of the good WordPress web hosting provide 99.9% uptime.

Good WordPress have better customer service

I personally rank customer service very high in choosing a good web WordPress hosting. Even knowing my work around cpanel management I find it hard at times for hosting management.

Customer service includes various factors such as the quality of team members you will be touch basing with, the time they take to solve the issues faced, amount of time they are online or over the phone etc. A good website hosting provides better service or provide an option for priority service either at some cost or at higher packages. Personally I think it’s worth it.

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