What is Freelance WordPress Developer?

What is Freelance WordPress Developer?

Freelance WordPress Developer, is commonly used for self-employed WordPress Developer or someone who works on short term projects as contractor or sole trader. They may work on site of the employer or from home as agreed as part of the assignment.

Freelance WordPress Developer works on their own, without any office or agency setup, normally from home or small office home (SOHO) office environment. Some of the main reasons why WordPress Developer would go freelancing, would be:

  1.       Flexible working hours
  2.       Work life balance
  3.       Push towards creativity
  4.       Extra cash

In my case, I do work full time as WordPress Developer and sometime work as Freelance WordPress Developer working on various projects.

Why Freelance WordPress Developer is ideal for small or medium business

Freelance WordPress Developer is an ideal option for any small or medium business for various reasons.

First and foremost main reason is the cost of design and development. Compared to any WordPress Agency, freelance developers are relatively cost effective. They charge you way less then any creative agency, as they don’t have any cost overhead as an agency like renting a space, extra employee for book-keeping, etc.

Secondly, with Freelance WordPress Developer, communications are one-to-one. This saves time and effort both ways. Most importantly, communication is proactive and there is minimum chance of getting lost in status-quo. This in turn will lead to buiding a good understanding and in turn working as a perfect team.

If you find a good Freelance WordPress Developer, s/he will bring loads of experience. Normally a good freelance developer is multi-skilled. For example, with me I bring years of experience working as SEO, WordPress Web Design and Front End Development. I can also help in recommending a good web hosting, CRM, etc.

In conclusion, a good Freelance WordPress Developer can help you get an ideal solution with minimum cost.   

Where to find Freelance WordPress Developer

We all know going local is the best solution. This brings peace of mind. You will always have someone to chase. And most of all local Freelance WordPress Developer have their reputation in mind working with you.

Google is always the best place to start with. Have a quick look at their WordPress Development Portfolio, check out their testimonials if available. Don’t hesitate to ask for references or talk to their previous clients if needed.

You can try finding a freelance developer in website like Gumtree, Toptal, Freelancer etc too.

Try to be smart and clever when hiring a developer.

Freelance WordPress Developer rates

Rates Freelance WordPress Developers charge depends upon various factors such as location, experience, complexity of project etc.

As simple layman rule, you get what you pay for. And also a proper research and negotiation might help you get you decent price. Freelance WordPress Developers work on various module. Some of them work on hourly basis. Myself I prefer to work on packaged module and on ballpark figures. You can check my WordPress Design and Development Packages.

If you are looking to hire someone locally and someone really skilled on what s/he is doing, expect to have a decent budget. Custom design and development cost can range from anywhere around 1K to above. If you are looking to hire someone on hourly basis, prices range from 20 to 100+ per hour. It really depends upon what your priorities. There is no hard rule that says the more expensive the developer the better s/he is, do some good analysis before you hire any Freelance WordPress Developer.

If you are under tight budget, outsourcing might be a good option for you. Don’t get me wrong, but chances of finding a good developer is very minimal unless you have skill sets and time to select a good developer. Trust me even the good developer you want to outsource will charge decent rates if s/he knows what they are doing and delivering top notch solutions.

How to choose a good Freelance WordPress Developer

Finding a good Freelance WordPress Developer can be hectic.

I have come across so many cases where the client had been oversold of services, and the delivery of project had been very low quality. Don’t fall flat on price only or good pitch. Be more proactive, take some time and don’t choose anyone on rush.

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