Flat Design

The latest trend in the web design is Flat Design and I am pretty much excited about it too. I am giving a brief introduction about Flat Design concept in this article.

Flat design as name goes stands for simpler designs with done within the approaches of 2 Dimensional Designs. Usage of drops shadows, blending options, gradients are avoided in flat design concept. Instead focus on good color combinations, typography, contrasts is top priorities. Usage of proper shapes and elements such as buttons, CTAs are also key elements.

Initial introduction sounds flat design might be really easy. But instead it’s a hard work. It’s a hard work to website look good on color combination, typography and flat elements.

Color combinations are especially focused on getting best contrast within the websites.  Generally bright and appealing colors are selected.

Typography is key element to any website design. So is for flat designs. It’s even more important. Avoiding usage of heavier web elements in turns shift focus on message delivery and ease of use [usability].

Flat Design and Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic design concept had been there for a while. And I am a big fan of it. I do believe a good designer can make an appealing design with Arial font and web safe fonts, which might bit contradicts with Flat design approach. But rest seems to be similar with it.

I had been a big admirer of Google’s minimalistic approaches of web design and development. So I am really excited about the concept of this latest trend.

Advantages of flat designs

  1. Pages are relatively light weight and pages load faster.
  2. Puts less overheard on server and its usage of memory, and hence reduces the usage of more bandwidth
  3. A properly designed flat websites are appealing and focuses on delivery of messages
  4. As a front end developer I personally think that flat designs are easy to convert to responsive websites

While compiling this article I found a site that showcases the flat design. Another website that can be really useful to learn the concept of the trend is Flat UI Pro by designmodo.

I hope this article gave you the brief intro about what flat design is. I really want to say that simplicity really works in the website and  can make a decent impression on site’s visitors and users.

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