My Favourite sites to Get Free Design Resources

I am a design enthusiast. I like nice neat and clean design. Though I am WodrPress Web Developer, I am really in love with Flat Design. It looks neat and clean and on top brings many advantages on development as well as conversions too.

I do search around web for design inspiration as well as keep myself up-to-date with latest trends and best practices.  Here by I am sharing 3 of my best sites that I normally browse around to get free and premium design resources.


Free Web Design Resources

Pixeden had been one of my favourite sites for a while now. There are plenty of free design elements to download PSDs, icons, icon fonts, vector, graphics etc.

And Pixeden do offer premium content on monthly and yearly subscription plans, which is worth subscribing at. At the point of writing I am subscribed to Pixeden as a premium member.

Nevertheless if you don’t want to subscribe as premium member, there are plenty of free resources to check at.

Pixel Buddha

Free Web Design Resources

Pixel Buddha, this site is something I discovered recently and am totally in love with the site. Flat Design based iconography really interest me a lot.

And Pixel Buddha do offer variety of flat design icons for free, and also offer other design elements too. Worthy to check at.

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