How to fast track to become a web developoer

How to fast track becoming a web developer

Here is the case, in the world of web, things change fast. New technologies come and go. And being a web developer, you have to keep yourself updated. And often it’s so hard learning and getting in grasp of so many stuffs coming around you.

Over the past couple of years I found that it’s possible to learn few things at same time. The notion being – LEARN FROM THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY. The web might be challenging but the fact is you get solutions form web too.

There are plenty of resources and website in the web, some of them are really good and even free. But the fact is, premium resources or something you pay for always outcast free resources. At the point of writing, I am subscribed to 3 Premium Websites, totalling my bill of 37 Dollars per month in subscription.

But I am more than happy to pay for it. First of all, to be honest, I have learnt more than what I had paid for my Uni Fees back in student life. Secondly, it does put me bit of pressure to learn and take these materials seriously since I pay for it.

I have tried several premium sites, apart from 3 websites, which I am going to talk about. But for some reasons like its being too expensive or the quality of content in the website, I have cancelled my subscriptions. But these websites are all based on my interests and field of work I am on.

So hereby, I am going to talk about my favourite sites one by one.

  1. Tuts+


I had been Tuts+ Member on and off. But at the point of writing I am still premium member for past 1 and ½ years. And trust me it’s the money I have spent so wisely. I get the value of each and every penny for this subscription.

Like I mentioned above, being a web developer, I have to keep updates of so many things. Tuts+ definitely helps me, providing me good content around Good UI/UX Design, Best Practices and Development around Front End, to various Backend Development courses.

Since I am more focused on Front End and WordPress Development, I have learnt so many things from this site. To be honest, without this site, I would have never got into the IT Field here in Australia. So I am much more attached to this website, in particular.

  1. Laracasts


Laracasts is the website totally dedicated to the latest hot cake in the PHP Framework, run by Jeffery Way. I had been a big fan of Jeffery Way since his days at Tuts+. Yes he was one of the most popular author and tutor at Tuts+.

Laracasts do have some free tutorials, and they are worth checking. But premium contents are quiet helpful and handy too. Tutorials range from making ecommerce payment system using Stripe to making an applications such as Building a Larabook from scratch. Other tutorials includes best practices around Laravel such as Validation and various API Integrations.

  1. Pixeden


Pixeden had been my latest list of premium subscription. Most lately this website had been putting so many premium resources, and as I am design enthusiasts I find these resources quiet handy.

Resources varies from icons, icon fonts, vectors to psds.


There are so many website and resources that can definitely help you get better at what you are doing. I personally had found that tutorials and videos can help you learn faster and that’s one of the reason I am subscribed to Tuts+ and Laracast.  Over the past couple of years for sure I had been a better web developer because of these websites.

I am subscribed to Pixeden for just trying my hands on design, as I find the resources quiet handy.


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