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Why every WordPress developer should learn web design?

When I started working as WordPress Developer, I never thought I would be learning web design let alone start selling services as web designer too. These days whenever I have some spare time, I do get my hands dirty designing some websites or learning tips and trick about web design best practices.

Web design is fun

Web design is really fun. It takes your creativity to next level. What I really love about web design is the challenge it provides you to know the requirement of your client, and give it the shape that really brings happiness to your client.

One of the project I am really proud of is ipSCAPE. When the client came to me, they were bit cautious about me designing the site, especially for the fact that their current site after being built by a team, wasn’t meeting the expectation. I then presented my mockups of homepage design, which turn out to what they were thinking of. In the end overall project came up really nice, and to this date it’s one of my best stand out project, in terms of design, development and conversion.

If you love challenges and try to push yourself, why not start learning web design now.

Web design bring Integrity in web project

One of the main reason I learn web design was due to frustration, when web designer goes way above the project requirement and delivers design that is too cumbersome and sophisticated.

I always thought simple design converts well. What I mean by simple design is neat and clean layout, meets requirements of user and something that is pleasant and easy to use.

Other facts that can be controlled when designing a website is the content of website, which I would love to call as information architecture of website. I am strong advocate of information architecture, where I think designing for content and hierarchy is crucial for both user and in SEO optimisation of any website.

In short if you can design website, it does bring integrity to your web project.

Web design brings you extra source of income

Well who doesn’t want to earn extra income? And if it’s brought by providing your client good services and better deliverables even better.

When you can design website to client’s expectations, it can save client lot of time and money too. Most importantly it brings integrity in website, and avoids communication gap between designer and developer.

I do provide extra service of web design as package these days. How successful had I been as designer? Well I am pretty happy with where I am. In most of my project, I spent good amount of times listening to client requirement and research. Most of my web design are based on research. And overall with my web design skills, client had been really happy. As freelancer, I had been able to deliver to client expectations in some case where local agency (of designer and developer team) had failed.

So in short, learning web design can be rewarding for both you as developer and client too. It does hgelp bringing integrity in your website project where you can for sure thrive to get the best Retrun of Inveestment to your client.

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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.