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Essential Skills you can learn as Freelance WordPress Web Developer?

As a freelance wordpress web developer, I had chance to work on several awesome projects. On the roll, I have had chance to meet so many people and learn from them. Be it be individual clients or digital agency, every project worked was learning process.

Hereby I share some of experiences and suggest to learn something new that will help you become better web developer and professional. I will list some of the major skills that will help you if you are thinking to adding new skills and grow your freelancing career.

Web Design

I am self-taught web designer and I do provide web design as service now. Being in web development industry and working as wordpress developer, it didn’t took me long to realise the market of web design. None of the design last for ever and with most companies going through design refreshes within few years, I thought learning web design would have been fruitful.

There is a need of web designer with various set of expertise. Even as starter you can get some clients and projects if you are able to convince your ideas, as there are clients with varied budget. Clients with lesser budget will be willing to work with designers with less experiences. But saying so, never stop learning and always be up to date with modern web design trends.

One of the main reason I learnt web design as being an WordPress Developer passionate about SEO, I really valued a well-architected web design can really be helpful on overall SEO strategy and results of any website.

Customer Service

A good customer service can help land web development projects. Its common when probable client is in market to find a suitable developer for their project, they get quote from few different options.  Being upfront and proactive always help. It’s always good to be ethical and give the clear details about cost and estimate of the project. If needed it’s also helpful to suggest necessary changes that can help to get good results out of the project.

After launching the project, a good customer service can lead to long term relationship. There may be opportunities via verbal references and word of mouth. So it’s advised to have a good customer service skills. Learning always helps.

On Page and On Site SEO

On Page SEO and On Site SEO is all about following best practices of SEO.

The easiest way to learn On Page/On Site SEO is to follow the guidelines suggested by Google. SEO Starter Guide by Google is the best place to start with. If you are looking to master On Page or On site SEO, here is my blog about the On Page SEO Checklists.

On Page SEO Optimisation really matters for SEO and Local SEO. One of the website I did for Pilates Insync is an example of this. The site is currently ranking for few pilates related keywords.


It’s always good to learn new skills. It can really add initiative when you are bidding for projects and might help in client selecting you over your competitor.

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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.