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Disavowing Backlinks – Getting rid of unwanted backlinks

I am writing this article because most recently my site got couple of unwanted links that looked really suspicious. Being a web developer and keen SEO, I do keep an eye on my website. I was looking for easiest way to get rid of these links that is when I discover Google Disavow Tool.

Please note using Disavow Tool had to be done with extra precaution.

Disavowing backlinks as stated by Google is an advanced feature and only to be used with caution, and can cause potential harm to the ranking of the website if used incorrectly.

In layman’s term disavowing the links will tell google not to consider the links from the external websites and let google know it’s either spammy, unnatural or low quality links that you don’t want  your website to be associated with.

How does Disavowing Links work?

Disavowing links work in 2 steps.

First step is to figure out list of links that you want to disavow. Please make sure you have read details and google recommendation about how to disavow backlinks

Second steps includes the uploading of the list using disavow tool

One thing to note here if you have previously uploaded the file, it will be replaced by new file upon upload.

It may take some time for Google process and update the information that had been uploaded.

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