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Content Marketing Must-Haves for Your WordPress Site

Like many others out there, you probably have a WordPress website and have jumped on the content marketing bandwagon. So what do you need to be successful? To make sure that your website is performing well, you need the below 3 things.

1. Functional web design.

Design doesn’t just cover the aesthetics of your site, although this does play its part. More importantly, your site must provide a good user experience. This means that it must be easy to use and navigate, load fast, and not contain any broken pages. Your website should be simple. Dumping too many calls to action onto any given page not only looks bad, it puts people off and makes them leave your site.

2. Valuable content.

There is too much choice out there, so how can you make your website stand out?

Think really hard about why they should visit your site. Do you know what problems they are having? Prove that you can solve them by creating helpful content and asking them to consume it on your website.

Your content must follow the same principles as web design – it has to look good and be easy for people to use. MarketingSherpa provides some excellent tips on how to enhance your WordPress blog:

  • use invisible tables for side by side comparisons
  • use padding around images to separate them from text
  • schedule blog posts ahead of time
  • customise blog URLs and add blog categories

Your content has to be useful to your target audience, otherwise they have no reason to visit your website.

3. Focus.

If you try to be all things to all people, then you will end up being nothing to anyone. Think really hard about who you actually want to attract to your website, and make an effort to understand them inside out. Do you have a clear picture in your mind of who they are – such as demographics (age, gender, job role), and daily experiences (what their typical day is like)? If you don’t, then you might waste all that effort by creating the wrong content.
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