A Comprehensive Review of iThemes Security Plugin

Being a WordPress Web Developer, it does make life easy when you get a good plugin that does everything you want. I had got fair few Plugins that I use in most of my project. iThemes Security formerly known Better WP Security is one of those. Formerly known as Better WP Security, iThemes Security is here to offer you an out-of this-world experience in locking down your personal site.

Better WP Security, the original version of this security plugin was developed by Chris Wiegman. Better WP Security helped many wordpress site owners with security issues for their sites. The fact that it is now changing is not a reason for you to walk away from the incoming version because the change is only a better way to secure your site and much more.

Changes You Should Expect in the New Version

1. The Name
The change in the name to iThemes Security announces that the security plugin’s future is going to be in the iThemes family. With the name-change, all you need to do is upgrade to this new version and then activate it.

2. New Features
The following are some new features you should anticipate in the new version:

  • The new version has an option to disable PHP execution in the folder containing uploads.
  • You will be notified by the jQuery scanner if your theme’s jQuery version is outdated or vulnerable.
  • The new version is able to prevent the discovery of usernames. This is done by forcing a nickname different from the username and by hiding archives with users with no post.
  • Backups and notifications are enhanced by the new version’s ability to add multiple reporting e-mail addresses.
  • Settings on the new version are streamlined so that configuration becomes easy.
  • The new version has been fully integrated with BackupBuddy.
  • The existing features of the old version have been completely rewritten so that iThemes Security performs better, faster and offer better security.

3. iThemes Security is a Complete overhaul of Better WP Security
This new version is not just an upgrade but entirely a new plugin. All features have been recreated to give you better performances in every aspect.

4. Options Are Available for Professional Support
The iThemes family has a great team of experienced developers who have made the new version usable by anyone. Support is available for commercial and GPL plugins and themes.

Similarities Between Better WP and iThemes Security

There are certain aspects of the old version that have been carried along into the new version. Firstly, the new version is also free of charge. Secondly, maintenance will remain as active in the new version as was the case in the old version. This will ensure that its functioning is at its best for as long as it is being used. Another aspect that will be carried into the new version from the old one is the fact that it will involve continuous improvement. Its administrators are committed to constantly improving it so that it serves you better.

So, What Exactly is iThemes Security?
This is simply a security plugin that offers you over 30 ways to ensure security of your wordpress site. Obsolete software, weak passwords, and plugin vulnerabilities have made it easy for hackers to hack into wordpress accounts. The iThemes Security plugin is here to fix all these holes so that hackers are prevented from accessing your site. The popularity of iThemes Security has seen it rated at an impressive high of 4.7 out of 5 stars. It has been downloaded 2,147,276 times, at the point of writing.

Among the many beneficial features that this innovation has, the following are the most important ones:

1. iThemes Detects Compromises
This plugin reports changes to the file system and database that would likely mean that your site is compromised.

2. Hiding of Vulnerabilities
iThemes Security is able to prevent prospective hackers from learning a lot about sensitive areas like your login and admin.

3. Protection
iThemes Security strengthens your password and blocks all bad users. It also secures vital information about your site.

4. Recovery
iThemes ensures that your wordpress database is regularly backed up. This makes it possible for you to return online as quickly as possible in the event of an attack.


Before installing this security plugin, carefully read through the installation instructions. iThemes Security will surely secure your site from the very best of hackers. The exciting features of the plugin makes it one of the best to use,. Above all, it is easier to use even for the novice users.

PS: Please make a complete backup of your site before configuring your websites. Here is a quick intro video by iThemes that is worth watching.

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