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How to choose WordPress Plugins?

WordPress Plugin is a file or bunch of files added to WordPress website for extra functionalities. WordPress Plugin does save time for development and testing for any WordPress Developer.

As WordPress Developer, I do have selection of few favourite plugins that I do use in my WordPress Development. I have selected them wisely, doing more research and over the time of usage have built trust and skillset to work around with my favourites plugin.

Whenever someone asks me about plugin recommendations, I only recommend them that I am comfortable of using. If I have to choose any plugin from the existing marketplace I am bit hesitant and love to do extensive research before using them.

So hereby sharing some tips on how to select plugin for your next WordPress website.

Plugin Ratings

Rating matters a lot for any plugin. Keep in mind, plugin users varies from layman user to advanced WordPress uses. So yes the ratings of any plugin comes from varied sources with varied skill sets.

Higher the ratings better the plugin.

Plugin Reviews

As with ratings, reviews are great measures of how plugins are. Don’t forget to look at the reviews when selecting a plugin.

For the free plugins in WordPress repository, it’s pretty easy to find the reviews. If you are looking for premium plugins, Google might be your best source for the plugin’s review. Other sources will be various review blogs and forum.

In short, don’t forget to do some research and find more about plugins before installation or purchase.

Number of Installations

Another metrics that provide idea about how good the plugin is the number of website it’s been installed on. Generally the better the plugin more user will use the plugin.

Is it maintained regularly?

WordPress do release some major and minor fixes regularly. These fixes includes changes about cosmetic issues as well as includes security and major code changes.

Whenever there is some major release in WordPress, some plugins might have some issues with compatibility.

Plugin Author and their reputation

If possible try to find about the reputation of the plugin author. Have a look at their development background and try to find if they have done any contributions to WordPress core developments.

Plugin author with good reputation in the development and WordPress community, are more likely to make good plugins.

If you have any projects about WordPress Development do not hesitate to contact me.

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