Benefiting from Google Communities

Something I learnt in past few months, if you aren’t good at something and you want to fast track it, learn from the best. As an SEO Enthusiast, learning SEO was always on my priority. And one of the best thing I have done was to join and learn through Google Community. At the moment I am member of Technical SEO , and in past few months only I had benefited a lot.

Some of the key benefits were:

  1. I was able to keep myself up-to-date with latest algorithm changes, and how to best approach them
  2. Fix some of the issues related to my website
  3. Learn about WordPress features and integration to improve SEO Optimisation

What is Google Community?

Google introduce community as “Talk about the suff you’re into with people who love it too”. And it says it all. It’s a place where you interact with and collaborate with other people with similar mindset and interest.

You can share experiences, share expertise and ask any queries which in turn might be solved by someone with the same community.

Details about Google Community can be found here.

About Author

I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.