Before you hire an SEO?

Ranking high in organic SEO can be very rewarding. And it’s very tempting to allocate budget for SEO Optimisation, but do you know a well-optimised website can help you rank faster and cut your SEO budget significantly.

I am sharing some of my tips based on my experiences as WordPress Developer ranking website based on my On-Page and SEM skills.

I always believed that a good website that is optimised for SEO is teamwork. It starts from your website brief, good mark-up, and code for your website to SEO doing their magic for better ranking.

Have a solid brief on what you are targeting

Ok, you got a solid plan for your website. You got a reasonable budget and have some ideas about where to look for WordPress Developer and SEO. The next thing you must do is write a solid brief about what you want to achieve with your website.

I strongly believe that as someone’s expertise in your niche and knowing your target audience and competitors, your initial approach and guide can help shape where your project goals will be heading. So it’s very rewarding if you can do decent research around your targets and competitors and provide a solid brief before you start your project.

Finalise the website content first

As it goes content is king. And content is a quiet important part of website and SEO. Why does content need to be finalised first? Content will have an important part in both design and architecture or the website.

For any good web designer who implements data-driven design, web design revolves around content and keyword research. And also the content helps in the overall architecture of the website called SILO of the content which plays an important role in the SEO.

Work with the same agency for web development and SEO

My honest suggestion would be if SEO is a really critical part of your website, then stick with the same team that does development and SEO.

Doing this brings so many advantages. A good design agency or web developer implement the best design practices and information architecture needed to rank your website higher in SEO.

Avoid premium themes

I have had cases and few inquiries where I had a client requesting me to look after the website SEO and then it turns out the website had been developed using premium themes. I don’t have any grudges to premium themes, but premium themes aren’t developed with SEO in mind. They are developed to maximise sales as they are sold at a fairly reasonable price.

So why premium theme does isn’t ideal for SEO. First of all, good SEO is built around good quality code targeting On-Page SEO which in most cases or premium themes aren’t. So if SEO is a really critical part of your project, have a think about developing a website from scratch. In the longer run, this will be a good investment.

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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.