An intro to Google Fonts

Google fonts is one the best way else the best way to add cool fonts to your website. I personally tried few different alternatives before finally settling down with google fonts.

It has so many advantages. I am listing some of the main ones:

  • Its FREE
  • It doesn’t include any javascript
  • It loads faster on the website
  • Its very very easy to use
  • There are so many fonts to select from
  • It supports various mobile operating systems including Android 2.2+, ios 4.2+
  • It works on all major browsers. An worthy mention would be it works on IE6+

At this time of writing more than 600 fonts are available on the google fonts directory.

List of google fonts can be found here.

A detailed instruction on how to use google fonts can be found here.

And, general faq can be found here.

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