Always clear the Cache before adding new features

WordPress caching is awesome provided you have selected your plugins wisely. It speeds up the site, creates good user experience. A good well-crafted plugin is a saviour of any wordpress web developer.

Remember caching plugins work storing cached content. This might need to clear cache few time before you can finally see the changes you have made. This can be hectic in development and if you forget to clear the cache and keep on refreshing to see no changes.

My recent case was an implementation of the new feature in the client and site and I cleared the cache before the changes and took all the precaution and implemented best practices. But during the time of the setting something unwanted happened adhoc. Few hectic minutes. But to the saviour I was able to clear all the caching manually and with no problems site ran smooth again.

Few lessons learnt here – selecting a good plugin that is done by good architect and developer is a must in the website. If the plugin developer/company have well documented resources, they are gold and save you out of your misery too. Here in my case I was lucky I had done both.

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