Why use WordPress Page Builders

5 Reasons to use WordPress Page Builders

WordPress Page Builders are plugins that help you create pages and contents with ease, and minimum effort. They have various inbuilt features to create drag and drop content, image sliders, videos, google maps etc. A robust page builders have pre built template, option to save pages as templates etc. Do some research and find one of page builders fitting your website requirements, you will be cutting cost and saving lots of time building and managing your website.

WordPress Page Builders? Do l love them or will I use them in one of the projects? My answer will be No. But why am I blogging about using WordPress Page Builders? Well to be honest if you are a WordPress Developer like myself, there will be chances that you have to consider using the Page Builders in your project. A lot of theme comes with Page Builders these days, and pretty sure you must have use one of them.

So why use Page Builders? Here are some main points on why use them:

  • No programming skills required
  • Cut Design and Development Fees
  • Minimum effort needed to design and develop
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of Options


1. No programming skills required

If you are website owner with very limited programming skills, Page Builders are awesome. With all those drag and drop features and predefined templates, you can add any content on a go.

You can even play around with their features, and test your creativity to get best out of the builder.

2. Cut Design and Development Fees

Yes if you’re top priority is to save design and development cost, page builder is your answer.

Though you might need a designer and developer for initial setups, in long run it does cut cost significantly. Make yourself familiar around the plugin if you want to manage website by yourself in long run.

3. Minimum effort needed to design and develop

If you need website up and ruining in no time, Page Builders are you saviour.  Upload the WordPress, install the Page Builders and you are ready to create website and content with ease.

You can select pre built options, and in case if you need some stylish look and feel maybe hire a WordPress Web Designer. If you are within tight budget you can play around with the features and get best out of the plugin.

4. Easy to Use

Page Builders as mentioned above comes with drag and drop features, and in some cases predefined templates so they are really easy to use. Duplicating or cloning sections within your pages or content are really easy.

Thus Page builders simplifies in content creation and running website with least effort.

5. Lots of Options

Most of page builders do come with extended in built features. Some of the page builders even have add-ons to create complex content needed for your website.

So does this mean, Page Builders are that good? Well it depends upon your or your clients requirements.

You can think of using Page Builders when clients want website real fast or aren’t looking for a top end website and their priorities are something to get up and running within limited budget. I do get few enquiries for these type of projects, but still adamant to move away from custom WordPress development.

Personally I don’t use any of Page Builders on my projects. I will be writing sometime later on why I opted to go against them and why I think custom development is always good for better Return of Investment in long term.

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