3 things to do when using WordPress as CMS

In this article I will be sharing three tips that you should be doing if you are using wordpress for blog or as a CMS to your website. These are very simple and easy to implement.

1. Update the wordpress to the latest version

You need to update your worpdress for couple of reason.

Reason 1 is since wordpress is open source, there is a chance that older version of wordpress is vulnerable to hacking. WordPress makes changes frequently and with every update, the WordPress team try to get rid of know issues. So updating wordpress is always a good idea.

Secondly with new update, new features are added. With new features comes the new functionality, so there is one more advantage of getting the latest wordpress theme.

2.Hide the WordPress version details
For reason similar to above, for the purpose of security its a good idea to hide displaying the wordpress
version. Showing that you are using older version of wordpress gives a hacker a good chance write malicious code and harm your website.

For this purpose, there is a built in fucntion. You just need to add this block of code in the functions.php file:

remove_action(‘wp_head’, ‘wp_generator’);

3.Do not display the plugins index folder
When using the plugins we must make sure that the plugin root folder has either index.php or index.html file. In case if the folder doesnt have either of these files, all the files and folders that the plugin is using will be displayed. Its an option to hide the permission via htacces file but still adding the index.html or index.php is a good practice.

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