2015 Web Development Resolutions

I had been wordpress developer for a while now. As much as I love wordpress and building websites on wordpress as CMS, it’s time to add up new skills.

WordPress is quiet a powerful framework now and still I am heavily involved in building website within wordpress. But the way the web is evolving faster I can see the need to learn new framework to make myself better equipped as web developer and app developer.

Over the last phase of 2014 i.e. last year I had researched a lot and made a list of Framework or API that I will be learning in 2015. Here goes my list of things to learn or to dos for the year of 2015.

  1. Laravel
  2. Angular JS
  3. Stripe API


Laravel is a powerful PHP framework and had risen to prominence in a quick time. There might be powerful and much versatile PHP Framework option available as such Symfony or Zend. But what stands out among all other framework is its learning curve and rapidly growing community.

And the Framework Creator Taylor Otwell had decided to go Full Time in development and support of framework recently. So for sure this beautiful framework have a great future ahead.

There had been lot of advocates for the Framework but Jeffery Ways from Laracasts stands out for me. Laracasts have free videos as well as premium videos too. It’s quiet an amazing site and worth subscribing at.

Angular JS

Angular is a JavaScript Framework for building dynamic and real time web apps. The main power of the framework comes from Data Binding and Dependency injection that helps in doing more work wiring less code.

So why Angular JS apart from other JS Framework available.

Two main reason being – first it’s maintained by Google and hence it will have a great future ahead as well will be maintained for long run. Secondly it have a great community as well as very good documentation with examples available.


Stripe well had been one of the technology of the year 2014 for. Please note that Stripe was officially launched in Australia in 2014 and I am web developer based in Sydney.

Stripe had been an amazing platform and easy to integrate. The documentation in the official site is great.

What I really want to master in Stripe is the usage of metadata as this concept is quiet powerful. I had already used Stripe in some of my project but want to take its usage and functionalities to next level in 2015.

PS – Please note that my expertise in all above listed framework and tools is between beginner and intermediate. But I have done plenty of research in selecting them and quiet serious about improving in the year 2015.

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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.