I am Robin, a Web Designer and Web Developer

As much as I love to code in PHP and WordPress, I am bit of designer too. I design simple, data driven website.

Most of my work had been based around WordPress Development. But I am proficient Front End Coder with my skill sets including HTML5 and CSS3, JQuery, PHP and MYSQL.

I am also confident building Responsive EDM Newsletters working around various devices, email clients and browsers.

I am also getting into modern PHP Framework - Laravel. Really loving how extensible and powerful the framework is.

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I build Websites Using WordPress

The main reason I love WordPress is that, even a person with basic computer knowledge can use WordPress without any problems.

As a web developer, WordPress is quiet featured-packed and extensible. Builing webiste of varied complexiites whether it is 5 pages website or complex website such as membership website with thousands of member, or ecommerce website selling hundreds of services or products, WordPress makes life as a developer very easy.

On other hand as a user, WordPress is really easy to manage. This also make easy to hand over site to full ownership of any client after completion of development.

web developer sydney

I am very good at SEO Optmisation

Search Engine Optimisation started as hobby for me. I have learnt fair bit over the past and continue to learn about it.

I am not Full Time SEO. I have achieved some major results with few of my client sites and with my personal portlio website too.

What I can say without doubt is that my On Page SEO skills are really good. On Page SEO lays a good foundation for better SEO rankings for future.

I can guide you around Good SEO Practices. SEO and ranking is never a day or week work. With good foundation, results can be rewarding in future.

web developer sydney

I have a Development Process

I design and develop website based on data and analytics. My design and develop strategy is always Goal Oriendted, that is to meet the requirement of what your website is really for.

My development strategy is based around data driven website design and development.

The main goal of any website is to reach out to end user and help in conversion. And of course make some money and generate revenue.

At very baseline, I read and analyse data provided by Google Analytics to start the development process.

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